infospace2012Reporter: Korolev Evgenij V.
Autor: Korolev E.V., director SEC NT, DSc, professor, advisor RAASN
Event: V-th International conference on Nanotechnology in construction

Annotation: Currently nanotechnology in building materials is realized by controlling the structure formation of nanoscale materials by introducing primary components - primary nanomaterials (bibliography is very diverse, eg, see [1-5] [1]). The effectiveness of this method depends on the nature of the material, functionality and content of modifiable phase. Problems indicated direction of nanotechnology are presented in [6-8]. The experimental data suggest that ...

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Reporter: Grishina Anna N.
Autor: Grishina A.N., Ph.D., Junior Researcher NOC NT
Event: V-th International conference on "Nanotechnology in construction"

Annotation: The main way of realization of nanotechnology in construction material science is by means of an addition of different primary nanomaterials, such as fullerenes, carbon nanotubes, nanoscale silica, astralens, and various sols.

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