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Neutralizer of emission of hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxideAn effective neutralizer of emissions of H2S and SO2, formed during manufacture, transport and making of the pavements based on sulfur-bitumen concretes, is developed in REC «Nanotechnology». Existing neutralizers of emission are with effect of “masking” the odor of H2S and SO2. Because of this, the toxic gases can not be effectively eliminated. The proposed neutralizer chemically binds H2S and SO2. Thus, the emission of sulfur dioxide and hydrogen sulfide is reduces in 45...50 and 13 times, respectively.
Application of the developed modifier allows using sulfur as a structuring component in road construction during the manufacture of hot sulfur-bitumen concretes. This provides a reduction in the cost of construction (per 1 km of the roadway) by reducing the amount of expensive binder – bitumen – in asphalt concrete, and also partially solves the problem of environmental disposal dumps of sulfur produced during the extraction of oil and gas.

Nano-sized organomineral modifier for asphalt binders allows to reduce the amount of bitumen (30-40%) in the production of asphalt and improve the durability of asphalt pavement: to reduce the amount of 25-50% of rutting in the operation. Modifier reduces emission of hydrogen sulfide (10 times or more) and sulfur dioxide (more than 45 times) during manufacture, transport and laying sulfur-bitumen concretes.

Neutralizer of emission of hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide for sulfur-bitumen concretes



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